Timaru Poultry Pigeon & Cage Bird Club (Inc)


We are a newly formed club in the Canterbury area with the aim to promote poultry of all types, including ducks, pigeons and cage birds. The Club intends to educate and encourage people to keep, breed and show birds.

The Club embraces the modern technology of today to help encourage young members into the fascinating activity of poultry showing. Members of all ages are welcome and junior membership is free.

The Club shall have monthly meetings at differing locations around Canterbury and trips to places of interest will also be organised to help widen member’s knowledge of other associated activities. The aim is to learn in a fun social way and ultimately help people to obtain and breed the best possible birds.

If you want to find out more please contact any of our committee as listed below.


Timaru Poultry, Pigeon & Cage Bird Club Inc
Ms L K Spicer, 03 685 4844
RD13, Blue Mt Stn,
FAIRLIE. 7987.
Email: timarupoultryclub@gmail.com