Rock, Australorp, Langshan Club

Over the weekend of the 19th/20th May 2018 the Taranaki Poultry and Pidgeon Club hosted our speciality club – Australorp, Rock and Langsshan club.

A very big thank you to the Taranaki club that put on a very enjoyable and successful show.

The category winners of our show, are as below. (Congratulations to all winners)


Best Barred Plymouth RockVince Naus
R/U Barred Plymouth RockJosie Wilson
Best AOSC Plymouth RockSharon Stevens
Best Large AustralorpGlenda Heenan
R/U Large AustralorpSean Prinsloo
Best Large LangshanHuband Family
R/U Large LangshanHuband Family
Best Large Blue LangshanNot Awarded
Best Large FowlGlenda Heenan
Best Bantam Plymouth RockVince Naus
Best Bantam AustralorpR&L Pratt
Best Bantam LangshanJohn Hobbs
Best BantamJohn Hobbs
Best JuniorNot Awarded
Best Club Bird (Australorp)Glenda Heenan
R/U Best club bird (Australorp)Sean Prinsloo


Our club members had 32 heavy breeds entered out of 32 exhibits and 26 bantams entered out of 35 exhibits.

A very big thank you to all members that entered birds into the Taranaki show.